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The benefits of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy?

Heal, repair, restore

Absorb up to sixteen times more oxygen to benefit every cell in your body … heal, repair, and restore your physical well-being.

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95% Pure Oxygen

The air we breathe only contains 21% oxygen!
Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy provides 95% pure oxygen.

Combine this with a pressurised chamber and you have a unique and beneficial combination.

The high concentration of pure oxygen dissolves into your bloodstream and is carried to the 15 trillion cells in your body, stimulating and restoring function to any damaged cells or organs…

Significantly enhancing your body’s ability to heal, repair and restore.

The Pressurised Chamber

What an amazing experience this creates!

You remain fully clothed. You can read, listen to music, watch a movie, meditate, sleep… or just relax into your own world.

With the oxygen mask over your mouth and nose, the pressure is gradually increased by a member of the Oxify team as they carefully monitor you.

Once the pressure is at the correct, highly beneficial level, you have a whole 60 minutes to sit back and relax whilst your body reaps the benefits.

Key Benefits

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy will never replace the advice of your doctor or medical treatment, but it may significantly enhance your body’s ability to heal, repair, and restore.

We mentioned above how the therapy can aid physical injuries, wounds, and a multitude of serious illnesses… but it can also work effectively for:

Improving sleep and increasing energy levels, in fact general wellbeing

Reducing aches and pains (however small or large)

Improving mental clarity and enhancing mood

Improving digestion

There really is no limit to the benefit your body will gain from Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy…

Why not select a treatment package and put it to the test.

Why not bring a friend...

… or partner, or family member…

Most of our branches have two Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy chambers.

Experience all the benefits together!

15, 60 or 90 minute sessions

Our most popular 60 and 90 minute sessions can be booked for one or two people and can be bought as an individual booking, or as a multi-booking package at a discounted rate.

We even offer gift vouchers so that you can enable a loved one to heal, repair, and restore.

inside a hyperbaric oxygen therapy chamber

Try our 15 minute taster session

Give Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy a try for only £10

3 core benefits to our taster session offer:
- No obligation to book any further sessions... although we are confident you will want to.

- A member of our team will be on hand throughout.

- £10 off when you book your first full session after your taster session