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Using HbOT for sports recovery as part of your training programme can reduce recovery times by up to 50%.

How does HBOT improve recovery?

In sport, practice, training, conditioning, and competition all stress the body.

Whatever the chosen sport, every athlete knows that recovery is an essential part of their training programme.

When it comes to improving performance in any sport, ‘recovery’ is far more complicated and important to the body than just sitting around and resting.

Athletes who are keen to optimise their performance should look beyond passive ‘resting’ recovery by taking advantage of active therapies like HbOT for sports recovery.

It has recently been reported that Cristiano Ronaldo often uses HbOT for sports recovery to improve his match day performance as well as to aid recovery from injuries.

Please Note: Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy complements conventional treatments. We do not recommend it as a replacement. If you are unsure, please consult your doctor.

How does HbOT help with injury treatment?

Injuries, both major and minor, are an unavoidable fact of life for those participating in sport, at any level.

Whether competing in a contact sport like rugby, stressing joints by running or straining tendons by rock climbing, the stresses and strains we place on our bodies can result in injury, no matter how carefully we warm up and cool down.

Even casual gym goers are likely to suffer from an injury or two at some point!

With HbOT for sports recovery, clients rest in the safe environment of a pressurised pod or chamber and breathe in pure oxygen.

This increases the quantity of oxygen in the bloodstream by a significant amount, boosting the amount carried to tissues in the body, thus promoting healing and repair.

By using HbOT for sports recovery, the body can absorb up many times more oxygen than by breathing normal air.

By flooding tissues with high levels of oxygen, athletes can experience a wide variety of benefits including:

  • Increased stem cell activation
  • Faster bone and cartilage regeneration
  • Reduced muscle fatigue and exhaustion
  • Decreased pain
  • Reduced inflammation
  • Increased blood flow, especially in poorly irrigated tissues
  • Alleviating pulled muscles, strains & sprains
  • Helping to repair torn muscles and tendons

The benefits of using HbOT for sports recovery

Sporting stars using HbOT to aid recovery and improve their performance were featured in a story in May 2023 in the Daily Mail online, where the key benefits of HbOT were listed as:

  • Improving energy and performance
  • Faster recovery times
  • Sharper mental clarity
  • Better sleep
  • Treating concussion and other brain injuries
  • Alleviating swelling and soreness of the body

Along with pilots, astronauts and deep-sea divers, other famous faces who reportedly use HbOT for sports recovery treatments are Michael Phelps, Novak Djokovic, LeBron James, Mohamed Salah, and Marcus Rashford.

Can HbOT for sports recovery boost performance? The research

What athlete isn’t looking for an edge?

Many professional athletes train at altitude to increase red blood cell production and the oxygen-carrying capabilities of their blood.

HbOT for sports recovery sees similar gains in performance by increasing the oxygenation in the blood, boosting circulation, which helps to increase energy levels and mental awareness.

HbOT can also help to improve performance.

As it increases the amount of oxygen carried to tissues in the body, it can improve the aerobic capacity and endurance of athletes, resulting in a better performance whilst training and competing.

A 2022 research article examined the effects of HbOT on mitochondrial respiration and physical performance in middle-aged athletes. The study found that Hbot enhanced their physical performance by optimising their oxygen capacity.

Why choose Oxify?

HbOT is a supplementary therapy that can stimulate the body to heal itself by alleviating physical symptoms of strain, stress or injury and boosting oxygen levels in tissues.

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