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How HbOT can help with Mental Health

HBOT for Mental Health is emerging as a groundbreaking approach in the realm of mental wellness. Our in-depth exploration begins with understanding how Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy is revolutionizing treatments for various mental health conditions.

The evidence is mounting day by day, people are seeing the unbelievable benefits of HbOT for Mental Health and there isn’t a lot of peer reviewed research yet as it’s still a fairly new discovery for mental illness. We have seen anecdotally in our clients that it’s also a side effect when treating other illnesses.

We have found a few studies that reference some amazing results similar to what we have seen anecdotally.

We are hoping to run our own anecdotal study here at our 2 centres in Leeds & Retford; if you’d like to be involved let us know.

Oxygen is one of nature’s great healers. It reduces inflammatory biochemicals and increases levels of key antioxidant enzymes to decrease stress making you feel more relaxed and less agitated. Detoxing helps to clear the mind and improve the bodies functionality.

HbOT saturates the Lymphatic system, blood plasma and Cerebrospinal fluid which improves the metabolism of nerve cells and the supply of neurons carrying nutrients. In doing so positivity in mood can often be noticed from the first session.

HbOT can also help with insomnia and other sleep problems helping you to feel refreshed, aware and operative.

The effects are long-lasting and results can be instant in some cases but usually take a few longer sessions to really see the biggest improvements.





Cognitive Function:

The protocol for each condition is still being researched but take a look at the mounting evidence for yourself. Ask us any questions you may have by jumping on our social media channels or dropping us an email.

See our contact us page for details.

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