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Oxify introduces Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy in Manchester

Sarah Todd
July 7, 2022

We’re thrilled to announce that Oxify is expanding; as our latest Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HbOT) clinic gets set to open its doors to the people of Manchester.

We truly believe in the possibilities of HbOT; how it can provide effective treatment for so many debilitating conditions and help to improve people’s quality of life. Now - with the opening of this new clinic; we’re able to offer these benefits to one of the largest cities in the UK. As such, while we get ready to deliver Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy in Manchester; we thought it was only right to give this trailblazing city the attention it deserves.

From its monopoly over the global cotton industry - to groundbreaking scientific discoveries and more; Manchester is truly a locale with a rich and colourful history. In honour of this - and our expansion into the city; here are some interesting facts about Manchester you might not have heard before.

Manchester - The City of Industry

At the turn of the 19th Century, Manchester began expanding at an astounding pace - thanks in large part to its textile industry. As a result, it became a major hub for global manufacturing and trade; and is even acknowledged as the world’s first industrial city. It’s not surprising then - that with such a rich history; Manchester has served as the backdrop for several films and TV series relating to the industrial era.

One example is Peaky Blinders; which - despite being famously set in Birmingham - had many of its scenes shot in areas of the North-West. Manchester’s atmospheric mix of cobbled streets, bridges and canals served as the perfect backdrop for many scenes throughout the series. The final - and most recent season, even saw the whole of Castlefield transformed into a 1930’s-themed set.

Welcome to Manchester - The City of Cotton

Amid the Industrial Revolution, Manchester became world-leading in the trade of textiles; with the locale responsible for the production of 80% of cotton-piece goods in the 1880s. The city truly had a monopoly over the industry; with its steam-powered cotton mills producing 50% of all British exports in the 1830s. In fact, its monopoly was so apparent - many people referred to Manchester as ‘Cottonopolis’ in the 19th Century.

The effects of this can be felt to this very day; particularly if you’re living down under. In Australia and New Zealand, the household cotton-goods section of any store will often be colloquially referred to as the Manchester Department. While the term was originally coined from the shipping containers the goods came in; it’s still in popular use now despite trade routes diversifying.

Manchester - The City of Science

Alongside its industrial roots, Manchester has also long-been a city of education; as well as a melting-pot for invention, enterprise and scientific discovery. The University of Manchester (UOM) - which traces its roots all-the-way back to the city’s Mechanic's Institute of 1824; boasts 25 Nobel Prize winners among its staff and alumni.

The vast majority of these have been awarded in Chemistry and Physics; such as Walter Norman Howarth - who first synthesised Vitamin C; and James Chadwick - who discovered the neutron. Perhaps the most notable laureate to hail from UOM however, is Ernest Rutherford, the father of nuclear physics. Famous for his work in radioactivity; he discovered alpha waves and gamma rays - and even split the first atom. With this history of innovation; our expansion to now offer Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy in Manchester only feels natural.

Manchester - The City of Culture

Manchester has long-been a cultural centre in the UK; and has established itself as a city of sporting prowess and immense creativity throughout the years. Specifically, it’s always been a hub for British music; with Manchester taking centre-stage for a variety of different scenes - such as Britpop, Mod and Northern Soul. It even developed the genre ‘Madchester’ in the late 80s and early 90s; which was closely associated with the indie dance scene in the city at the time.

In terms of sport, Manchester has a rich and involved history in British football. Not only does it boast two of the UK’s Big Six teams in the form of Manchester United and Manchester City; it’s even heralded as the birthplace of modern Football League. That’s because - back in 1888; the very first edition of the league was established at a meeting in the Royal Hotel in Manchester. Comprising 12 member clubs from the Midlands and North of England; it’s the oldest competition of its kind in the world of football.

Manchester - The City of People

For Oxify, offering Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy in Manchester seems apt. The city has long-been a place that breaks the mould in what it offers to its people en-masse. Perhaps the strongest example of this is Chetham’s Library; heralded as the oldest free public reference library in England and the English-speaking world. Originally opened to scholars all-the-way back in 1653; this building holds more than 100,000 volumes of printed books.

What’s more - the city also established the first example of a modern British railroad. The Liverpool and Manchester Railway was the first of its kind to carry both passengers and freight; and subsequently helped cement the city as an industrial giant. Originally opening in 1830, the line is still in use to this day for secondary journeys between Liverpool and Manchester.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy in Manchester - Oxify Is Here for You

We’re delighted that we can now offer the beneficial properties of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy in Manchester. Oxify brings the power of HbOT to the masses; empowering everyone to feel stronger and healthier in a way that improves their quality of living.

Your wellbeing is our top-priority; that’s why we offer a money-back guarantee on our service. If you don’t feel any difference after ten HbOT sessions in a two-week period; we’ll repay you in full. Talk to our friendly team today to find out more; we’re always happy to help.

You can find our new clinic at:
Grosvenor House, Agecroft Enterprise Park, Downcast Way, Pendlebury, Manchester, M27 8UW

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